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Personal Information Policies

BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc. strives to make sure your personal information is protected.

  • BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc. will adhere to the laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information.
  • BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc. (The Company hereafter) uses only legal and honest means when obtaining your personal information. The Company will publicize the purpose of the use of such personal information and inform you, the subject of the information, about the use. If it should become necessary to change the original purpose of the use of the information, the Company will only use your personal information after informing and obtaining agreement from you.
  • BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc. will take proper measures in order to prevent illegal access, loss, destruction, alteration or leakage of your personal information.
  • When contracting out the processing of the personal information, BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc. will sign a necessary contract and supervise the contractor.
  • BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc. will follow the laws and regulations regarding the personal information, when the Company is required to disclose, correct, cease to use or delete your personal information on verifying your identity.
  • BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc. will not disclose your personal information except in the following cases;
    (1) You agree with the disclosure.
    (2) Disclosure in such a way that an individual will not be identified (such as in statistical data).
    (3) When disclosure or submission is legally ordered by the authorities.
  • BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc. will continue to review and improve the measures used for the protection of customers' personal information.
  • Cookies
    BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc. may use cookies on the website it manages, in order to improve the services to customers. However, the use of cookies will not infringe on your privacy. The Company will clearly state the purpose of using cookies individually on the websites. You may disable cookies on your browser. However, by doing so you may not be able to use all or part of the service offered on the website.
  • Links to third party websites
    BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc. will not be held responsible for the handling of personal information on a third party website linked to the website managed by the Company.
  • About personal information provided by minors
    BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc. may obtain personal information from minors only with the agreements of the parents or guardians.

Other Related Rights

Warnings related to this website

Images, movies, sounds, texts and other contents (hereafter 'the Contents') in this website are the property of and are managed by BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc..

The following activities without the Company's permission are prohibited, unless permitted by law.

The Company does not permit these activities even for personal use by a consumer (including copying to a personal web-page and creation of new contents based on the Contents).
Thank you for your cooperation.

Prohibited Activities

  1. All 'copying activities' ie copying the contents including by means of printing, photographing, sound and video recordings.
  2. Transmitting and using the contents on a network both commercially and non-commercially.
  3. Renting the contents, including commercial renting.
  4. Translation activities including translation, editing, alteration, adaptation and filmization.
  5. All the activities regulated by laws including the copyright law.

*Above mentioned 1 to 4 are just examples. Other prohibitions apply.


BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc. gives no guarantee, explicitly or otherwise, regarding the contents, function, and other data included in the website.
The Company will not be held responsible for any damage arising from the use of the website including costs incurred in recovering data. The examples of such occurrence include but are not limited to the following cases:

  1. Issues regarding the contents (including normality, accuracy, reliability, merchantability and compatibility with a certain purpose).
  2. Existence of computer virus or other harm on the website or the server.
  3. Problems regarding the transmission of data from the website.

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